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Radiologic Technologies today announced sweeping changes throughout the firm as intense, worldwide demand for its mobile computing enhancing accessories continues to grow at a staggering pace

St. Louis, Missouri - January 6, 2003 - Radiologic Technologies today announced sweeping changes throughout the firm as intense, worldwide demand for its mobile computing enhancing accessories continues to grow at a staggering pace.

CEO, and Chief Engineer at Radiologic, John Grzeskowiak, moved to create a subsidiary of the award-winning medical imaging and data systems company, which uses the Macintosh and AppleScript at the core of their flagship product, after solutions developed for in-house and medical clients' PowerBooks were discovered, and profiled by writers at the web's mobile-centric O'Grady's PowerPage in April of 2002.

John Grzeskowiak, now on hiatus from Radiologic, heads up the new spin-off , called RadTech, and is enthusiastically building upon early successes with a revamped product line, and the introduction of several new solutions designed for function and style conscious Mac users. "We were caught somewhat off guard by the demand for our solutions," said John. "With little available time, and no advertising budget, we were astounded by the demand being generated basically from word-of-mouth referrals, and our presence at 2002's MWNY and Paris Expos."

Late in 2002, RadTech partnered with Plus Three, a NY-based firm headed by Apple switcher commercial celebrity, Juan Proano. "Juan is a PowerBook switcher who discovered our products, was impressed, and wanted to get involved." Said John. "We're honored and thrilled to have Juan's expertise, as well as his new-found platform enthusiasm, working for us!"

RadTech will be on hand at this months MacWorld Expo in San Francisco showcasing their line of products for enhancing, protecting and preserving Apple notebooks. In addition to enhancements to their current product line, the company will officially unveil four new products, one of which represents their first foray into the desktop computing realm. All of RadTech's products are designed to be both exceptionally rugged, and extremely lightweight.

RadTech's new offerings include: PowerSleevz. Form-fitting sleeve cases for recent Mac portables, constructed from a new gauge of their exclusive Optex fabric. The fabric possesses the same remarkable qualities as that used in their Laptop ScreensavRz product. That is, the fabric is designed for cleaning and polishing plastic optics. The cases are meant to provide elegant, hassle-free exterior protection for both PowerBooks and iBooks. The cases feature de-bossed logos on one side, with the option for user specified text and/or logo emblazoning on the other. Shipping in quantity - $20. Customize with text applied to one side of case for $29.

iMac ScreensavRz. A display cover, cleaner and surface refinisher for flat-panel, LCD iMacs weighing less than 30 grams, and storable in a shot glass. This sleek accessory is the desktop incarnation of their popular Laptop ScreensavRz product. This item also features the elegant The Last Stand. Representing a new paradigm in notebook computer functionality. The Last Stand combines the utility of several notebook computer stands currently available, rolled into an innovative, Apple notebook color matched,12mm thick when closed, composite device weighing just 13 oz. The stand allows notebook users to inclinate the chassis by just a few degrees for improved ergonomics and typing ease, and lets a notebook function as a desktop appliance by inclinating the chassis as much as 50 degrees, elevating a G4 PowerBooks display up to 17 inches at the top bezel. The stand features five levels of inclination, with external keyboard storage in the rear of the unit when operating at the steeper, desktop mode angles. The stand has no detachable parts to assemble or loose, and easily fits into even the smallest of cases. Pre-orders will be taken, shipping late Feb. 2003. Last Stand composite - $59.95.

Ice Creme. A kit for easily removing scuffs and scratches from acrylic encased Apple products. The kit includes two chemical agents designed to remove both severe, and light surface damage from products such as the iBook, iPod, Tower systems and LCD display housings. The kits also include special cloths for both applying the agents, and buffing acrylic panels. A special "Ice Creme M" version will also be available for repairing the polished metal case of the iPod. Shipping in quantity beginning late January. Ice Creme - $19.95, M version - 24.95.

RadTech will also be demonstrating a prototype of their USB, digital hub device called Wavejamr. This minuscule USB dongle extracts digital, stereo audio from the Mac and broadcasts it onto the FM radio band. The unit uses no batteries, weighs just a few grams and its transmission frequency is infinitely adjustable throughout the entire FM band. Fidelity is improved compared to products which tap the computers relatively low-fi analog sound output. Powering the Wavejamr from the computers USB bus eliminates the frequency drift common to battery operated transmitters as their input power is continually decreasing while in use. "Batteries also tend to fail when you need them most." Noted the devices creator, John Grzeskowiak. Expected to ship second quarter 2003, price not yet determined.

RadTech's booth is located in the Digital Media Pavilion, #3961.

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