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RadTech today announced immediate availability of their elegant line of functionally protective gear for Apple Computer's groundbreaking new 12 and 17 inch PowerBook G4 notebooks

St. Louis, Missouri - March 7, 2003 - RadTech today announced immediate availability of their elegant line of functionally protective gear for Apple Computer's groundbreaking new 12 and 17 inch PowerBook G4 notebooks. RadTech also announced immediate availability of several new products which debuted at this year's San Francisco MacWorld Expo. New worldwide distribution partnerships have also been inked, putting RadTech products on store shelves in France, eastern Europe, Russia, Ireland and Japan.

RadTech's Laptop ScreensavRz, a collaborative effort with the optical polishing industry, provides notebook computer users with an innovative and stylish way to protect and clean their liquid crystal displays. In addition, ScreensavRz can also be used to erase the visually distracting galling and scuffing which often occurs on thin and light notebook computer screens due to their close proximity to the notebook's keyboard and chassis when closed. Laptop ScreensavRz, available in several sizes, colors and styles, feature elegant text de-bossing which matches and compliments Apple's PowerBook and iBook computers. Custom emblazoning is also available, allowing individuals, corporations and schools the ability to personalize and/or logo the product. Exceptionally rugged, and lightweight, Laptop ScreensavRz totally eliminate the need for consumable, chemical-based cleaners and polishes. Available for all notebook computers and priced from $12 to $17 (US).

RadTech's iMac ScreensavRz line inherits the laptop version's various colors and styles. The stylish, form-fitting display cover, cleaner and surface refinisher for flat-panel, LCD iMacs weighs less than 30 grams, and can be stored in a shot glass. Sleek and functional, it is the desktop incarnation of their Laptop ScreensavRz product, and also features elegant text debossing on its face. Available for 15 and 17 inch LCD iMacs starting at $22 (US)

Also shipping today, PowerSleevz form-fitting notebook cases for the new Mac portables. Constructed from a thicker gauge of their exclusive Optex fabric, which possesses the same remarkable qualities as that used in their ScreensavRz products. The cases are meant to provide elegant, hassle-free exterior protection for both PowerBooks and iBooks. The cases feature de-bossed logos on one side, with the option for user specified text and/or logo emblazoning on the other. Prices start at $22 (US)

RadTech's Ice Creme, a kit for easily removing scuffs and scratches from acrylic encased products such as iBooks, iPods, PowerMac G4's, Studio and Cinema displays, is now shipping in quantity. The kit includes two chemical agents designed to remove both severe, and light surface damage. The kits also include special cloths for both applying the agents, and buffing acrylic panels. A special "M" version adds a metal polish for restoring the iPod's plated metal back pan. Ice Creme - $19.95 (US), M version - $24.95 (US)

Also available starting today, RadTech's new eyelighter. This overdriven, super-bright LED lighting module is attached to a secure, positional ear clip allowing the minuscule, 10 gram unit to completely illuminate the wearers field of view. The eyelighter illuminates anything and everything the wearer looks at, not just a portion of the keyboard as with USB tethered devices. The unit is Lithium battery powered and will illuminate for over 20 continuous hours. Lasts for months when used for 2-3 hours per day. The unit features squeeze-to-light and an on/off switch for the ultimate in convenience. Great for astronomers, photographers, mechanics, engineers, DJ's, electricians, plumbers, backpackers, campers, law enforcement and others. eyelighters are currently available in 3 illumination colors: bright white, bright blue and red. Blue and red are perfect when dark vision needs to be maintained. UV and Infrared versions are forthcoming. Affixes to the right ear and is compatible with eyeglasses. $9.95 (US)

RadTech's Last Stand will move into production next week. The company will conduct a raffle to select 50 prior customers, offering them the opportunity to use and evaluate the new product. Participants will be able to keep the units in exchange for feedback. The Last Stand combines the utility of several notebook computer stands currently available, rolled into an innovative, 12mm thick when closed, composite device weighing just 14 oz. The stand allows notebook users to inclinate the chassis by just a few degrees for improved ergonomics and typing ease. The device also allows a notebook to function as a desktop computer by inclinating the chassis as much as 50 degrees, elevating a 15-inch G4 PowerBook's display up to 17 inches at the top bezel. The stand features five discreet levels of inclination, with external keyboard storage in the rear of the unit when operating at the steep angular, desktop mode. The stand has no detachable parts to assemble or loose, and easily fits into the smallest of cases. Pricing is expected to be in the $35-$50 (US) range.

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