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RadTech today announces new products to be unveiled at MacWorld Conference and Expo, to be held January 5-9th

St. Louis, Missouri - January 5, 2004 -RadTech today announces new products to be unveiled at MacWorld Conference and Expo, to be held January 5-9th. in San Francisco, California. Booth is located in the South Hall, #2618

The RadTech MacTruck, by CompuShell is a professional-grade notebook case, designed to be the most rugged and functional enclosure available for both transporting and using late model Apple notebooks.

Constructed of 3mm thick 6061 Aluminum alloy, and weighing about 5 lbs, the MacTruck provides complete notebook protection under the most severe conditions imaginable. In tests, the case survived intact and remained functional even after being run over by a full-size, four wheel drive pick-up truck.

The case also retained its form during a test in which the truck parked one of its front tires squarely on the cases side. (photo enclosed) The MacTruck cases are uniquely sized for each model Apple portable, add minimal bulk and allow complete use of the notebook without removing it - providing full access to all ports and optical drives. The opened case can also be manipulated to provide slight chassis inclination for more ergonomic keyboarding.

The cases feature a durable, powder coated finish, topped by an epoxy clear-coat. Available in 3 distinct hues - Brushed Aluminum, Aqua, and Deep Red.RadTech will have a limited supply of MacTruck cases for sale at their booth, with full production commencing immediately. Orders for MacTruck cases will also be taken at the show. Pricing starts at $199 USD.

Also debuting at MWSF, a new style notebook ScreensavRz. Co-developed with the precision optical polishing industry, RadTech's ultra-thin ScreensavRz provide single solution LCD care. ScreensavRz provide LCD display protection, cleaning and refinishing (abrasion and keymark removal) without the need for chemical sprays or wet-wipes. Constructed from RadTech's Optex fabric, this new model is jet black in color and features an outline "X" exquisitely debossed on its face. (photo enclosed)

RadTech will also be showcasing the new PodSleevz case. Quietly introduced 6 weeks ago, the PodSleevz is the ultimate, full-coverage protective sleeve case for 3G iPods.. Based on RadTech's popular PowerSleevz notebook sleeves, the PodSleevz form-fitting case adds almost no bulk to Apple's svelte iPod, and is the first case to fully envelope the iPod while allowing operation of the devices touch control buttons right through the case!

The PodSleevz features control zones debossed into its 0.8mm thick Optex face which serve to slightly desensitize the sometimes overly responsive touch controls.Weighing a feathery 4 grams, PodSleevz utilize a supple, double polished Vinyl window for iPod display protection, as well as a die cut knock-out for docking port cable access. The PodSleevz allow full use of Apple's included clip case, as well as most third party iPod accessories; Griffin iTrip, Belkin Voice Recorder, Altec Lansing's inMotion, etc.

RadTech will have plenty of product on hand at MacWorld Expo, South hall booth #2618. RadTech products will also be available at the Think Different Store's South Hall booth, #2634, and Developer Depot, North hall booth #3851.

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