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RadTech Announces the 4G PodSleevz iPod Sleeve Case and OmniCleanz advanced screen cleaner

The revolutionary play-through-case design continues in RadTech's new 4G PodSleevz. OmniCleanz provides breakthrough cleaning technology for computer screens, notebooks, LCD panels and more

Apple Expo, Paris - August 31, 2004 - RadTech, producers of innovative solutions for today's digital lifestyle, today announced immediate availability of their 4G PodSleevz, the next in its series of award-winning iPod protective sleeve cases and OmniCleanz, the ultimate cleaning solution for display screens and much more.

RadTech's 4G PodSleevz are available in a full array of colors and feature the same play-through-case design unique to the distinctive line of RadTech iPod sleeve cases. The form-fitting sleeve case is made with super soft, ultra tough Optex®, RadTech's exclusive optical-grade material that's thin and lightweight for durable, long-lasting protection without the bulk - allowing it to be used with the Apple iPod clip case.

The 4G PodSleevz features an elegantly debossed control area that allows the iPod to be played directly through the case, providing perfect sensitivity for the controls and eliminating the need for any control cutouts. With full wrap-around protection, the sleeve case keeps the controls fully covered and clean. And, a super-clear protective window covers the display for scratch-free protection.

"People are passionate about keeping their iPods in pristine condition." said John Greskowiak, chief engineer for RadTech. "We are passionate about making a protective case that allows them to do that, but one that doesn't take away from the iPod's sleek form or compromise the user experience. A lot of hard work went into developing an aesthetically pleasing case that not only protects, but is also unobtrusive. People can use their iPod just as they normally would, playing it right through the case, almost as if it wasn't even there. I don't know of another product that offers that. The response from the iPod community has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic."

Also announced today, OmniCleanz, widely available beginning September 20th in individual 1, 4 and 8 oz sizes. Or, as a kit combined with RadTech's exclusive Optex wipes - forming an unbeatable cleaning force. A limited number of 1 oz kits will be on hand at Apple Expo Paris for those who wish to get a preview of this amazing product.

OmniCleanz functions as a molecular release agent and pre-coating cleaner for high-end optical applications where critical, one-micron or finer cleaning is essential. OmniCleanz cleans at such a deep level, it actually cleans what other cleaners leave behind. Many computer cleaners contain polymers which leave streaking residues behind. OmniCleanz removes charged particulates, helping to control static and leaves behind an ultra-clean surface. OmniCleanz contains NO polymers, alcohol, ammonia, detergents, acetone or other harmful VOCs making it an environmentally responsible alternative to other cleaners. And, in addition to superior cleaning for display screens, it safely cleans all coated and non-coated lenses, CDs, DVDs and more.

"We constantly hear complaints about screen cleaning products that once used, leave hard to remove streaks and smears." states Matthew Renda, director of Marketing for RadTech. "And true to form with our company's mission, we are pleased to offer an alternative that is truly remarkable. This is the most amazing cleaning solution I've seen."


Driven by commitment, dedication, and a mission to help people get the most from today's digital lifestyle, RadTech produces and distributes innovative products and solutions designed to provide the ultimate in care, enhancement and protection of notebook computers, LCD panels, iPods and a wide array of digital products. As a result, RadTech has received numerous awards for its products, won world-wide acclaim from individual, corporate, government and education customers alike and continues to see record growth as a company.

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