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RadTech today announces immediate availability of several new mobile solutions

St. Louis, Missouri - December 3, 2004

RadTech's new offerings include:

Advanced, non- conductive cleaning technology functions atomically to dislodge contaminants at the molecular level.

A whole new way to meticulously clean computers, displays, peripherals and countless other worldly objects. The Houston Chronicle's Bob, Dr. Mac, Levitus says of RadTech's OmniCleanz "'s the best display-cleaning juice I've ever used. It removes dirt and scuff marks better than other products."

A true breakthrough in cleaning technology, RadTech's OmniCleanz removes what other cleaners leave behind. While most cleaning products rely on hazardous and noxious solvents and/or surfactants to cut-through and float soil and debris, OmniCleanz employs a revolutionary solvent and VOC free approach to remove soiling, contaminates and bacteria - and OmniCleanz is 100% Bio, environmental and child safe. OmniCleanz contains no Alcohols, Ammonias, detergents, harsh chemicals, dyes or odors.

OmniCleanz utilizes an ionic suspension composition to sever atomic bonds at the molecular level to instantly release soiling and contaminants from surfaces. This process is so efficient, nothing larger than 1 micron remains on treated substrates - bacteria's and most virii are also eliminated. Furthermore, cleaned surfaces are left with an electrically neutral charge so dust and dirt are not attracted.
OmniCleanz provides a deep clean you can actually feel.

OmniCleanz is nonconductive to over 1.5M ohm/cm - safe to use on powered-up, low-voltage circuitry. Can be applied directly to computer keyboards, LCD displays and other bus-powered peripherals with no ill effects. Leaves no residue upon evaporation, and replaces Acetone in many critical PCB cleaning applications

OmniCleanz is available in 2 convenient sizes, with or without a premium 5 x 8in. RadTech Optex® cleaning and polishing cloth. The 30ml/1oz size makes the perfect travel companion for people on the move - stows in most any travel or notebook bag for quick and easy on-the-go use. The 118ml/4oz size is great for home, office or garage - providing hundreds of perfect cleanings for a multitude of applications. Pricing starts at $6.95.

PodSleevz for iPod photo:
Formfitting protective Optex sleeve case for Apple iPod photo.

Made from OpTex, PodSleevz offer a snug, glove fit for the popular music player, protecting the beautiful, yet fragile iPod from scratching and abrasion. The PodSleevz, available in six shades of 0.8mm OpTex, add almost no bulk to the svelte jukebox and still allow use of Apple's included clip case. Available now, with an MSRP of $19.95.

High-grip Replacement notebook computer feet.

Pawz replacement equipment feet provide a solid solution for missing, worn or inadequate original equipment feet. Made from transparent Polyurethane and providing 4-8 times the surface area of OEM equipment feet, Pawz ensure that your equipment stays put, even on steeply inclined surfaces. Pawz go on in seconds and provide a 1.3mm cooling boost over most manufacturer-installed feet.

Pawz provide a great solution for all electronic components including: notebook computers, printers, scanners, external hard disks, etc. RadTech Pawz protect work surfaces and furniture from scratches and scuffs from equipment bottoms too! Available now for $7.95

Professional-grade Optex® wipes expertly clean and polish fine optics and sensitive electronic devices.

RadTech LensavRz provide unequaled cleaning and polishing for glass or plastic optics, sensitive electronic devices, or just about anything which needs to be thoroughly, yet gently cleaned and protected from potentially harmful ESD (electrostatic discharge). Put the power of Optex's 1.3 million fibers per square inch to work for you and discover what thousands of RadTech ScreensavRz users already know - nothing cleans as brilliantly as Optex.

Used completely dry, LensavRz' incredible Optex super-microfiber composition wipes pull dirt and other contaminates off surfaces with unmatched efficiency, without inducing electrostatic charges which can potentially harm sensitive electronics, or attract dirt and dust to cleaned surfaces.

RadTech's LensavRz fabric was initially conceived and developed using advanced optical polishing technology - and this is where the power of Optex really shines! There is no finer solution available for cleaning and polishing the high-quality optics used in modern photographic and video equipment - LensavRz can even be used to expertly clean negatives, slides and prints! LensavRz make an indispensable addition to any photographer, or videographer's tool kit. LensavRz are also perfect for Eye-wear, Television's, Computer monitors, CD's/DVD's, cell phones, PDA's and much more. Available now in two sizes, starting at $7.95

Non-marking Nylon Pry Tool:
Computer case and connector separating tool.

RadTech's tool crib now features the necessary, but hard-to-find Nylon pry tool called out in Apple's Service Source manuals. This handy tool allows for easy notebook computer and micro connector disassembly. A must for all do-it-yourself notebook repairs - available now for $7.00.

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