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RadTech announces BT510 mid-size, three-button, optical scrolling mouse with electronically reversible left-right buttons, and backup USB power umbilical

Earth City, Missouri - April 25, 2005

RadTech®, makers of mobile computing accessories and more, today announced immediate availability of the BT510 Bluetooth Mouse. With electronically reversible left/right buttons, it's the right click for left-handed people! Sleek, versatile, and feature-rich, it's the right Bluetooth mouse for everyone.

The BT510 touts a comfortable mid-sized form factor - perfect for the desktop or on the road. 3 button control, plus scroll wheel makes navigating your workspace a breeze. 800 dpi optical resolution and ultra-precise tracking make it especially attractive to engineering and design professionals. And, connecting the BT510 is simple - no drivers needed for Mac OS X.

To ensure maximum battery life, the BT510's smart, power-saving sleep mode conserves power when idle and an easily accessible power switch allows it to be powered down when not in use. The BT510 can also be powered via any USB port using its included power cable - so you always have the option of conserving battery life with direct power or using it as a back up to keep you up and running when batteries are low.

As a bonus, the BT510 is available as a bundle with the RadPak Travel case - a compact, semi-rigid clamshell case featuring a cushioned interior, twin rubber-tabbed zipper pulls and internal bays to accommodate a spare set of batteries.

The BT510 Bluetooth mouse is available in gloss black or white for $59.95 USD, or bundled with the RadPak Travel case for $69.95 USD.

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