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RadTech Announces Ice Creme 2 - The best iPod restoration system just got better!

Earth City, Missouri - August 10, 2005 - RadTech®, makers of mobile computing accessories and more, today announced immediate availability of Ice Creme v.2 - a comprehensive solution for restoring scuffed and damaged Acrylic and bright (plated) metal surfaces - especially adept at fully restoring the Apple iPod and iPod shuffle.

Ice Creme enables most anyone to quickly and easily remove the scuffing, scratching and abrasion that tends to occur on highly polished acrylic panels, like those used in several consumer devices and popular computers. Products like Apple Computer's popular iPod and iBook notebook computers, hand-held PDA's and cell phones can all benefit from Ice Creme's power and ease of use. Quickly restores scuffed-up Acrylic and plated metal products to like new condition. Ice Creme works great for occasional touch-ups, or when selling used gear. A typical, moderately damaged iPod requires approx. 15-20 minutes to fully restore.

Ice Creme's regular formula is for plastic products and lightly damaged bright metal. The "M" version adds a special metal refinishing pad, which can restore severe bright metal surface damage - like the iPod's bright metal back panel. Ice Creme is not intended for use on the iPod mini, painted or anodized surfaces. Both versions include RadTech's Optex application and polishing cloths.

Ice Creme is available in two versions; Regular for Acrylic and minor metal damage, and "Ice Creme M" for Acrylic and severe metal damage. Ice Creme / Ice Creme M retails for $20.95 and $25.95 USD respectively.

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