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RadTech Announces ScreenSavrz for Cinema Displays, StuffBak Device Recovery Service

Earth City, Mo - October 21, 2005 - RadTech®, makers of iPod and mobile computing accessories and more, today announced immediate availability of ScreenSavrz® for Apple Cinema Displays, next in the series of elegant, form-fitting protective covers for computer LCD panels, and StuffBak™ Device Recovery Service.

ScreenSavrz for Cinema Displays protect, clean and refinish Flat-panel LCD panels for total display care. Constructed from RadTech's unique Optex® fabric, which is specifically formulated using today's most advanced optical polishing technology.

Used as a display cover / protector, ScreenSavrz shield and protect LCD displays from impacts, debris and scratches. As a polishing medium, ScreenSavrz safely wipe away dust and thoroughly clean the surface of the screen. Dampened with water, ScreenSavrz possess the unique ability to remove light scratching and abrasions from LCD viewing surfaces. Non-woven and wrinkle-resistant, ScreenSavrz won't tear or fray and easily stow anywhere.

ScreenSavrz for Cinema Displays are available in two colors: Titanium Grey and Aqua.
Pricing starts at $38.95, and are immediately available for all Apple Cinema Displays.

StuffBak is a loss protection service that recovers missing possessions, with a verified recovery rate of over 75%. Rugged StuffBak ID labels can be affixed to any piece of equipment - if something "disappears", the label allows the finder to return it easily - and get a reward too! One free StuffBak label is included with all RadTech web orders; additional labels are available for $1.95 each.

StuffBak recovery labels are easily activated online. Once activated and attached to a device, the labels provide automatic protection. When an item is found, the owner is contacted immediately by phone and / or email. The StuffBak website can be used to report the loss and offer an extra reward.

Finders are motivated to return lost property because StuffBak's system is simple, convenient, confidential, cost-free and offers them a reward. Finders simply provide the label number and we arrange for a courier to pickup or direct them to a nearby drop-off center. They don't have to try and find the owner, pack a box, or pay for shipping. Once the property is returned to the owner, they receive StuffBak's standard reward, $20 worth of StuffBak labels, plus any cash reward the owner has offered.

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