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RadTech releases several new products and solutions at MWSF 2006

MacWorld San Francisco - January 10, 2006 - RadTech®, makers of mobile computing and iPod accessories and more, today announced immediate availability of several new products and solutions.


RadMouse™ HID Driver Software for all RadTech Bluetooth Mice.
Take full control of your RadTech Bluetooth mouse with RadMouse - RadTech's Bluetooth HID Driver & System Preference. Assign mouse buttons and scroll wheel to single or multiple keystrokes or actions; adjust cursor tracking and scrolling speed, acceleration curves and more. All custom settings can be applied on a global, or application-by-application basis. RadMouse only affects RadTech Bluetooth mice, and can be used alongside other HID driver software.

RadMouse is a free download for RadTech mouse owners from any RadTech mouse product page, or direct via:

Impact™ Ruggedized HDD Enclosures Available with 64-bit Hardware Data Encryption.
Ruggedized 2.5 and 3.5in data storage enclosures combine multi-layer hardware protection with blistering data transfer speeds. Available with ultra-secure, platform independent 64-bit hardware encryption using patented Enova X-Wall™ technology, encrypting and decrypting data in real time, with no data transfer speed degradation. All models include USB1&2 connectivity, plus a choice of FW400 and/or FW800.

The full selection of Impact encrypted and non-encrypted Impact HDD enclosures is available here:

Sleevz™ Case for iPod 5G and nano.
RadTech's unique, control-through Optex® sleeve case is now available for iPod 5G and nano. Handmade in the USA, each Sleevz for iPod combine high-styled device protection while adding minimal bulk. Sleevz allow unrestricted access to all ports, plus complete control of the device right through the sleeve.

The complete line of Sleevz for iPod is available here:

Acclaro® Transparent Acrylic Clamshell iPod Case for 5G and nano.
A compact, lightweight and transparent Acrylic clamshell-style protective case for iPod nano and 5G. Rugged and stylish, Acclaro lets the beauty of the iPod show through, while surrounding it with an ice-like layer of hard-shell protection. Acclaro offers great bump, drop and finish protection for iPod's thanks to it's hardened Acrylic composition and generous 1.5 - 2.0mm wall thickness.

Complete information regarding Acclaro is available here:

ClearCal™ Transparent Mylar Protective Panels for iPod 5G and nano.
A pair of ultra-thin and super-tough Mylar protective panels, which invisibly protect 5G and nano iPod front and rear surfaces. ClearCals are easy to apply and can be cleaned and reapplied multiple times with no reduction in performance.

ClearCal's low surface tension adhesive features a healing effect that effectively hides minor surface defects and abrasions:

Gelz™ Economy Silicone Case for iPod.
Form-fitting Silicone protective case for Apple 4G, 5G, mini and nano iPods. Colorful, rugged, stylish and durable for long-lasting protection of your iPod's elegant finish. Skin-tight case enhances your grip when carrying and handling, and provides good impact protection from bumps and drops. Made from low-tack, medium density Silicone so it won't attract lint and debris.

Belt-clip lanyard and armband options are available for most:

Cables & Connectivity for iPod.
For all cabling and connectivity solutions below:

A selection of retractable connection cables and earbuds for iPod - USB, Firewire and analog varieties.

Automobile power port adapters providing female USB-A or female 6-pin Firewire connection ports.

Cassette player adapter routes analog music player audio to any cassette player.

High-Res Image Download: Here


Driven by commitment and dedication, our mission is to help people get the most from today's digital lifestyle. RadTech produces and distributes innovative products and solutions designed to provide the ultimate in care, enhancement and protection of notebook computers, LCD panels, iPods and a wide array of digital products. As a result, RadTech has received numerous awards for its products, won world-wide acclaim from individual, corporate, government and education customers alike and continues to see record growth as a company.

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