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RadTech announces immediate availability of Westone UM Series sound isolating in-ear phones at Apple Expo 2006

Paris, France - September 9, 2006 - RadTech®, makers of iPod® and mobile computing accessories and more, today announces the debut and immediate availability of Westone® UM Series sound isolating in-ear phones with True Fit technology at Apple® Expo 2006 - Porte de Versailles, Hall 5, Booth C-60.

Experience the best sonic reproduction possible, with noise isolation far surpassing that of cumbersome and complicated active noise-canceling phones. External isolation is a noise-silencing 30dB, allowing listeners to hear the full dynamic range of recordings without having to play them at unnaturally high volume levels. And nearby people won't hear a note - even when the monitors are driven at full volume.

Westone monitors provide a pure and clean listening experience which is unmatched by other earphones - listeners will discover new dimensions of subtleties and instruments which previously went unheard. The UM series™ low-profile and secure design practically disappear when worn and they won't fall out of the wearer's ears, even through very active use.

One key feature, Westone's True Fit eartips, offers numerous benefits over other tips; they don't require rolling, squeezing, licking or ear pulling to obtain a good seal. True Fit tips are constructed from a softer and denser material that block outside sound and noise much more efficiently. Two tip sizes are included to fit all users, and UM Series monitors can be fitted with custom ear molds at any time.

Two models are currently available; the single driver UM-1 with a frequency response which matches or exceeds that of most high-end phones; 40-16,000 Hz. And the premium dual-driver UM-2 that far exceeds the performance of virtually all other phones with an amazing response of 20-18,000 Hz. Built to the highest professional standards, The UM-2's dual drivers and built-in passive crossover combine to deliver the truest, studio-quality sound possible.

Westone's UM-Series monitors transform virtually any audio system into a rich personal soundstage, while providing industry-leading levels of isolation, accuracy and sound output. Westone UM Series Monitors start at $109.95 US, and include four pair of True Fit eartips, A zippered storage/carry pouch and a sound conduit cleaning tool.

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