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RadTech Announces ownership transition as founders retire

Earth City, Mo - February 20, 2018 - RadTech®, producers of innovative solutions for the digital lifestyle, today announced the retirement of its founders and ownership transition.

All good things...

After 16 years of zero dull moments, Susan and I have made the decision to retire and check a few more boxes on our bucket lists. We have thoroughly enjoyed creating and distributing useful and practical accessories to our friends, clients and partners - but there is so much more waiting out there to learn, see and do.

RadTech came into being at a time when most had largely written off Apple Computer as a company on the verge of demise. As avid Mac users and evangelists, we knew the world would be a much hollower place if that were to occur. In this, we saw an opportunity to help prolong the life of, and enhance the use of Apple hardware - which we hoped might keep and attract people to the platform. While impossible to know for certain, we sincerely hope that our efforts had a positive impact in that regard.

RadTech will begin transitioning to a new owner and facility beginning February 20th. While this will be a challenging move, we'll do our best to keep things flowing with minimal interruption. It is inevitable that some shipping delays will occur, especially for custom-cut Optex Fabric and ClearCal Display Films. Going forward, all third-party products that we formerly distributed will be sold-through and discontinued.

Finally, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the outstanding and gracious mentors, associates, clients and journalists who were crucial to our success. To all of you, we shall remain forever in your debt.

And just have to add here... didn't anticipate the rush of emotion we're feeling as we write this. We've dedicated more time to RadTech than any other endeavor in our lives, so I suppose it's to be expected. I've (John) met so many of you who are reading this, and we've shared some incredibly fun and rewarding moments - truly an unforgettable experience that we'll cherish forever.

Warmest regards,

John & Susan Grzeskowiak


Driven by commitment, dedication, and a mission to help people get the most from today's digital lifestyle, RadTech produces innovative products and solutions designed to provide the ultimate in care, enhancement and protection of desktop and notebook computers, flat-panel displays, mobile devices and tablets and a wide array of digital products.

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