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Affiliate Program

  • Place link on websitePlace a text link or Ad banner on your website, facebook, twitter, pinterest, YouTube video or Forum post that links to RadTech's Website
  • Vistor clicks link and buysWhen a visitor clicks on those text links or Ad banners, and makes a purchase from RadTech, we pay you a generous commission
  • You earn 20% of the saleYou earn up to 20% of each product sale generated from any text links or Ad banners that you've setup


We credit much of our existence to the rich community of technology users, journalists, bloggers, product reviewers and other partners who've welcomed us with open arms since word of our display and latch fix for the Titanium PowerBook went viral in 2002. Everyone in this organization feels very fortunate to be a part of the vibrant and rewarding community that helped us in countless ways: To all of you, we offer our sincere thanks. In the spirit of giving back, we're thrilled to offer this program as a way to both show our appreciation, and to share our ongoing success with everyone who helps make it possible.

As you'll discover in the details below, and in the tools that we provide, we have created the most efficient, lucrative and all-inclusive Affiliate Program on the planet. And to make it even better, we're giving you the ability to recruit an unlimited number of Sub or Referred Affiliates, for which you'll earn 5% of the ticket for every sale that they refer.

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Since our first product in 2002, to the 800+ unique solutions that we offer today, our goal has always been to provide meaningful, quality solutions to the real problems that we all face - and to do it with care, compassion and a level of personalized service not normally provided - like the no hassle lifetime warranty that most of our products include. This customer-centered approach has served us well, and we'd now like to share our success with you.

As a RadTech Affiliate, you'll earn a 20% commission on every regularly-priced sale (10% if the buyer uses a promo code) that you refer via the text links or ad banners that we provide. You can also create your own ads (subject to prior approval) that you place on your website, blog, Facebook page, twitter, forum comment or YouTube video. When a visitor to your site follows the links or banners to our site and makes a purchase (anytime within 14 days of the initial click), you'll earn commission for the referred customer's total purchase - not just the single item the customer linked in on.

And once you've actively participated in the program for 12 consecutive months, we'll pay commissions for every sale referred by your entire domain. That means any editorial and/or posts in your comment forums, regardless of age, are eligible for commissions - for many of you, that alone is worth $2000 - $3000 annually.


If we've invited you to join, you're eligible and can create an account and begin earning commissions today. If you came here without an invitation, please feel free to sign up and begin earning with the program - an associate will contact you should there be any need.

Product manufacturers, vendors, dealers, resellers or agents are not eligible to participate at this time. If you have any questions for us, we can be reached at , or phone +1 877-777-9088 x109.


This program is governed by the following policies:

RadTech reserves the right to refuse or terminate any participant that we believe doesn't represent the community we serve; repeatedly violates another website's TOS; markets RadTech via unsolicited email; or acts in ways that our diverse clientele would find offensive.

Referred sales are logged in real-time and can be viewed from your RadTech Affiliate account at anytime. You are always free (and encouraged) to verify the accuracy of our system by following your links and placing test orders - then verifying them in the Dashboard section of your account. To immediately cancel a test order - so that it doesn't actually get processed and shipped - please call or email us promptly: +1 877-777-9088 /

Commissions are aggregated and paid on a monthly basis on the value of the retail goods sold and shipped, less returns. Returns adjustments may appear in future months' reporting. Wholesale, B-to-B and sales to Dealers or Distributors are exempt from the program. US-based participants will be required to submit a Federal Tax ID or SSN prior to receiving commission payments. US Affiliates will receive IRS Form 1099 within 30 days following the close of the calendar year that commissions were earned in.

Commissions are paid via check, in US Dollars, mailed on or before the 15th of each month following the commission month. Earned commissions must equal or exceed $50 USD for a check to be issued - if earned commissions total less than $50, they will remain on your account and evaluated in the next payment cycle. If it would help you to receive your commissions via wire transfer, or in another currency*, please let us know in writing:

While we provide a plethora of pre-made ad banners in multiple sizes, you may wish to create your own. If you wish to create and use your own ad banner(s), please forward a copy to our Public Relations team () to seek approval prior to publishing.

Although every effort has been made to ensure that our systems are accurate and that every referral is logged, unforeseen occurrences either within or beyond our control could conceivably affect the process. Fortunately we have excellent error capture and reporting systems in place that should allow us to restore any lost data. However, we are not liable for any lost data that escapes our fail-safes.

Active participation for 12 consecutive months is required to activate commission payments for all domain referrals. No action is necessary on your part for domain-wide referrals, but do note that you will not be able to append notes or tags to those links as you can with tracking links. We will however, provide you with the originating URLs for those referrals in your personal Dashboard. Active participation requires at least one new text link or Ad banner be created and deployed per month.

Every RadTech Affiliate has the ability to recruit Sub or Referred Affiliates, for which you, the Master Affiliate, will earn 5% of their booked sales. Once your Sub signs up, drop us a line () and we'll establish the link. Your Referred Affiliates are tracked separately within the Dashboard section of your account. Subs cannot be part of your organization, and Subs cannot refer Subs.

All information relating to, and connected with RadTech's Affiliate Program is considered confidential and will never be shared with any third party without your prior consent.

Participation in this program is voluntary, and upon joining you agree to hold RadTech LLC, its officers, employees and associates harmless against any and all claims, costs, suits, and damages, including attorney fees arising out of the performance of this agreement or in connection with the management and operation of the program.

RadTech reserves the right to modify or terminate the Affiliate Program at any time, for any reason. Enjoy, have fun, and play nice!

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* Wire (TT) transfer and alternate currency fees:
US Dollars wired within the USA: $25
US Dollars wired outside the USA: $45
Foreign currency wired anywhere: $35
Incoming wire fees may also apply and are the responsibility of the payee