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AutoPower In-Vehicle Dual USB Charger

  • 2 port circuit-breaker protected power supply for fast charging mobile devices
  • 10.5-24 volt input flexibility + regulated, filtered output for clean audio applications
  • Ideal in-vehicle power and charging solution for computers, tablets & phones


AutoPower In-Vehicle Dual USB Charger / Power Supply for Computers, Tablets & Phones

Compact, high power solution for charging up to 2 devices simultaneously.

Description: Extremely lightweight and durable, AutoPower incorporates an auto-resetting electronic circuit breaker on the input and outputs, protecting both the vehicle and any connected devices in the event of an electrical surge, short-circuit or other electrical malfunction. The fuse-less design will never strand you with a blown, difficult to find fuse, nor will it just cease to function as most do - simply unplug AutoPower for 2 seconds to reset and you're back to work. AutoPower's regulated and filtered output provides clean, noise-free power for audio and other clean-current demanding applications.

Fits both auxiliary vehicle power outlets and cigarette lighter receptacles in automobiles, air and watercraft. Charges computers, including Apple USB-C equipped MacBook and MacBook Pro, tablets, mobile phones, back-up batteries and any device that powers or charges via USB.



10.5-24vdc Cigarette Lighter / Vehicle Power Port
5v 4.8A (2.4A / port) - charges all USB chargeable devices
Electronic Circuit Breaker, 2 sec Reset
55x28x24mm / 2.1x1.1x0.9in
White + Slate Gray
17g / 0.6oz
Designed in USA, Assy in China

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
AutoPower 13735 13-735 875331007352
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