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Bluelounge Portiko Power Cable With AC and USB Ports

  • Handy extension cord with built-in USB ports simplifies using laptops and mobile devices
  • Perfect travel companion - great for home or while on the road
  • Keeps wall sockets accessible so there's no need to rearrange what's already plugged in

Sorry, this product is no longer available

Bluelounge Portiko Extension Cord Brings AC Power and USB Ports to You

Ideal for shared workspaces, living areas or hotel rooms - Portiko brings the power to you.

Description: Portiko is a handy 6-foot extension cord that was created to expand the functionality of a single AC power outlet. Once plugged in to a standard wall outlet, Portiko provides a convenient 'hub' containing two 110v outlets and two USB ports. The 110v outlets are opposed, so that two Apple laptop chargers can be connected simultaneously. Portiko lets you plug in and/or charge several devices at once - use and charge a laptop, tablet and phone all at once, with a spare 110v outlet in reserve. And with Portiko's dual built-in USB ports, you can leave your mobile device chargers at home.

A self-adhesive magnetic mounting plate is also included that allows Portiko to be effortlessly stowed on a wall, a desk, or anywhere that's convenient. When not in use, Portiko's cable can be wound around the hub for easy storage or travel. Also features a low-profile right angle main AC plug, so tight spaces are never a problem.


Connect Four Devices
Connect Four

Video Demonstration


Body: ABS fire retardant plastic
Plug: PVC fire retardant plastic
One Portiko and one magnetic adhesive plate
110-125v, 10A, 60Hz
110-125v, 10A, 60Hz
USB Output:
5v, 2.1A (Total)
Blue, White
Designed in USA, Assy in China

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC / EAN
Portiko - Blue 15265 PK-US-BLU 8886466091200