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Soba by Bluelounge

  • The perfect solution for organizing and concealing multiple cables
  • Designed to fit all shapes and sizes of power and data cables
  • Available in black or white to blend in with your environment

Sorry, this item has been discontinued

Bluelounge Soba Cable Organizer Sleeve

Stylishly conceal large or small cables - up to three cables at once Vortex Tube Detail

Description: Soba zips loose cables up and consolidates them into a single tube that can be routed and affixed along walls, under desks, anywhere you have multiple cables running that you want to tidy up.

Use the Vortex zipper in a sliding motion to open and route cables. Once the zipper passes, Vortex technology will auto-coil the tube, bundling the cables inside.

Mounting caps help route bundled cables wherever you need them, under desks, along walls or behind a piece of furniture.


Vortex Technology

Vortex Step 1

Place the tube in the center of the zipper with the flap inserted into the open end and turn until fully trapped in the zipper.

Vortex Step 2

Place one or more cables in opening created by the zipper.

Vortex Step 3

Pull the zipper along using you index finger to guide cables.

Demonstration Video


82.2% plastic, 2% color pigment, 15.8% fire retardant
10 feet of Vortex tube
2x End Caps
3x Mounting Caps
1x Y-Split
1x Vortex Zipper Tool
5x Rubber Band
Available Colors:
White, Black
Designed in USA, Assy in China

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
Soba - White 15-314 SB-WH 8886466091156
Soba - Black 15-315 SB-BL 8886466091149