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Sumo Desktop Cable Management by bluelounge design

  • Manages, organizes and prevents cables from falling off of, or behind desks, tables or nightstands
  • Micro-suction feet and substantial mass keep Sumo firmly planted wherever it's placed
  • Extremely useful cable management device, available in white or black

Sorry, this item is no longer available

Sumo Weighty Cable Organizer

Compact, micro-suction based cable management and organizer clamp prevents cables from falling behind desks

Description: Sumo is an elegant and useful cable management tool designed to be used on a work surface to prevent cables from slipping and/or falling off work surfaces when disconnected. Sumo uses a combination of weight and an innovative material called micro-suction to keep it firmly planted wherever it's placed. The micro-suction surface is easily cleaned and refreshed using a strip of adhesive tape - and Sumo will never leave any residue on your work surface.

Your cables are always within reach and ready when held held down by a Sumo. Two channels for cables are provided on the underside of Sumo - simply route your cables within either channel and place Sumo wherever convenient.

An easy solution for everyday cable management, without the commitment of permanent adhesives - improve your computing experience with Sumo.


Video Demonstration


LD Polyethylene
204g / 7.1 oz
55x55x25mm / 2.2x2.2x1in
Available Colors:
Designed in USA, Assy in China

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
Sumo - Black 15216 SO-BL 705105463834
Sumo - White 15215 SO-WH 705105463834