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BT400GL Bluetooth Headset

  • World's smallest & lightest Bluetooth wireless headset
  • Longest talk & standby time of any wireless headset
  • Includes companion power cradle with vibrating alert

Sorry, this product has been discontinued

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BT400GL Bluetooth Headset for Apple, PC, cellular phones and more

World's smallest, lightest and longest talk/standby time in-ear Bluetooth headset - supports HSP, HFP and voice dialing.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology suppresses noise while enhancing audio performance.

BT400GL Wireless Headset Kit

Description: Small and light (8.5 gram), the BT400GL Bluetooth wireless headset is packed with all of the features you need. Comfortable in-ear design ensures that you won't miss a word, and wireless connectivity lets you effortlessly communicate hands-free while at work or play. And with no cabling nuisances to get in your way, you'll work safer, smarter and faster.

Supported profiles include: Headset for fully-duplexed voice transmission and reception with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, PDA's and computers. Handsfree for answering, ending and initiating calls - Voice-dialing for initiating calls by speaking the name of the party you wish to phone (requires voice-dial capable phone or device). Also great for computer-based audio conferencing applications like Apple's iChat*, AIM, MSN Messenger, Skype, etc.

Ultra-comfortable in-ear design puts the sound in your ear, while completely blocking out extraneous noise. Three sizes of stain-resistant gray eartips are included - all utilize the new Nano™ anti-bacterial rubber formulation to promote good ear health.

The BT400GL's compact form, dual batteries and companion power cradle deliver the longest talk and standby time in the industry. The innovative power cradle safely stores your headset when off your ear, and features a silent, vibrating alert. The power cradle can be carried in a pocket, purse or worn around your neck with the included lanyard. Smart, simple and easy to access switches makes it quick and easy to locate the headset's controls - even while wearing gloves or mittens.

Easy Set-up: Connecting the BT400GL is simple - just pair it and go. An intelligent LED indicator communicates the device's status at a glance. Dual built-in Li-Polymer batteries (1 in headset, 1 in power cradle), compact A/C charger, lanyard and tough storage box are included.



BT v1.1 - 1.2 Class 2
2.4 - 2.4835GHz ISM
10 meter free-space
Input Power:
5-6.5v 200-500mA
Internal Li-Polymer x 2
HSP, HFP, voice dialing
Standby / Talk Time:
350 / 15 hrs
Charge Time:
2 hrs
39 x 17 x 12mm
Product of Taiwan