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CableJive DockXtender Extension for 30-pin Dock

  • 30-pin male to 30-pin female extension cable
  • Small 30-pin male connector end fits through most cases with small dock port openings
  • Allows iPhone and iPod to be docked with most dockable accessories without removing protective cases

Sorry, this product has been discontinued

CableJive Dock Extension Cable

The perfect solution for extending iPad, iPhone and iPod's dock port.

The Dock Extender Cable allows you to dock your iPod or iPhone from a distance, or while in a case. Small diameter, flexible cable provides connection pathways for power, audio output, USB data sync, play controls, accessory power and composite video. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod (touch, classic, video), iPod nano (2nd & 3rd Gen).

The CableJive Dock Extender also allows docking with most dockable accessories, such as speaker systems, alarm clocks, etc, without removing your protective case.

Note: Some accessories may not be compatible with the CableJive Dock Extender. Please call or email support for compatibility questions.



Jacket Material:
6-mil Vinyl
Al-Clad Mylar + Braid
182cm (72in)
54g / 1.9oz
30-pin male to 30-pin female
Apple iPad, iPod & iPhone
Designed in USA, Assy in China

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
CableJive Dock Extender (60cm) 13729 DOCKX-2B 705105895710
CableJive Dock Extender (182cm) 15203 DOCKX-6B 718122058211