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ClearCal Custom Size Screen Protector Films

  • Available in Anti-Glare and Transparent finish
  • Easy to apply and remove - leaves no residue
  • Blemish-healing adhesive layer conceals existing abrasions and scratches

Price Per Square Inch: $0.35 x 0-60sq in
$0.28 x 60-100sq in
$0.15 x 100-300sq in
$0.07 x 300+ sq in

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ClearCal Custom-Sized Optically-Correct Transparent and Anti-Glare Protective Display Films

Provides a high level of shatter-resistance to glass displays. Available in anti-glare and transparent surface finishes.

photoDetail Description: ClearCal anti-glare films greatly improve the visibility of glossy displays when used in brightly lit or outdoor environments. ClearCal films combine a tempered 2-mil matte finished, anti-reflection layer, permanently laminated to a 3-mil flexible transparent base. A blemish-healing siliconized adhesive provides an optically-correct, yet easily removable bond that conceals existing surface defects like abrasions and scratches. The siliconized adhesive is permanently bonded to the base layer and will never leave any residue behind if later removed.

ClearCal's hardened surface resists scratches and abrasions and is easy to clean. In addition to glare reduction, ClearCal provides a level of impact protection and minimizes the appearance of oils or streaking if the display is touched. Detailed, illustrated instructions included - an installation video is located elsewhere on this page.

Important Notes:
These films are intended for use in situations where glare from incident light prevents screen images from being viewed. Due to the nature of glass displays, anti-glare films will impart a slight prismatic effect to object edges when viewed straight-on. White backgrounds exacerbate the prismatic effect - non-white backgrounds nearly eliminate it. This effect can be minimized by reducing display brightness when indoors, and recalibrating the display after installation.

Check film for proper size by test-fitting on screen or device before removing protective mask. In addition, check film thoroughly for any creases or other damage before removing protective mask. Once mask(s) has or have been removed, the film is not returnable, exchangeable or refundable.


Demonstration Video


Laminated PETE
Film Thickness:
5 mil
Designed in USA, Manufactured in China


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