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ClearCal Anti-Glare Film for MacBook, iMac & More

  • Reduces glare, reflections and eye strain - easier to clean vs bare glass
  • Provides a 3-5 fold increase in the shatter resistance of glass displays
  • Blemish-healing cling layer conceals any existing abrasions and scratches

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ClearCal Anti-Glare Film for Apple MacBook, iMac, Cinema & Thunderbolt Displays

Provides impact and shatter protection while reducing glare on glossy displays. photoDetail

Description: ClearCal anti-glare films greatly improve the viewability, impact and shatter resistance of glass displays when used in brightly lit or outdoor environments. Each ClearCal combines a hardened anti-reflective layer which is permanently laminated to a flexible transparent base. A blemish-healing pure silicone cling layer provides an optically correct, yet easily removable / repositionable bond that conceals any existing surface defects like abrasions and scratches.

ClearCal's Grade 5 hardened surface resists impacts, scratches, abrasions, smudging and oil deposits - and is easier to clean than bare glass. Illustrated instructions included - installation videos located elsewhere on this page and on the RadTech YouTube channel.

ClearCal films significantly reduce glass panel breakage and will contain and keep glass fragments in place should the panel become cracked - preventing personal injury and maintaining the usability of the cracked display. Additionally, ClearCal films are useful for both preventing anti-glare (AG) and anti-reflective (AR) coating abrasion (staingate) and restoring a uniform appearance to already abraded AG / AR coatings.


Important Notes:

Check film for proper size by test-fitting on screen or device before removing protective mask. In addition, check film thoroughly for any creases or other damage before removing protective mask. Once mask(s) has or have been removed, the film is not returnable.

Demonstration Video


Laminated PETE
Film Thickness:
5 mil
Size & Weight:
11in MBA: 256 x 144mm / 109g
12in MB: 265 x 167mm / 112g
13in MBP (Late 2016): 293 x 184mm / 112g
13in MBP: 296 x 188mm / 114g
13in MB/MBA: 286 x 179mm / 114g
15in MBP (Late 2016): 339 x 212mm / 114g
15in MBP: 341 x 217mm / 116g
17in MBP: 374 x 237mm / 122g
20in iMac: 446 x 283mm / 187g
21.5in iMac: 495 x 290mm / 190g
24in iMac / Cinema: 535 x 340mm / 204g
27in iMac / Cinema: 620 x 355mm / 213g
Apple MacBooks, iMacs, Cinema & Thunderbolt Displays
Designed in USA, Assy in China


Download Instructions Technical Data
Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
ClearCal - 11in MBA 13709 - 875331007093
ClearCal - 12in MB 16326 - 875331003262
ClearCal - 13in MB/MBA 13708 - 875331007086
ClearCal - 13in MBP (late 2016) 16392 - 875331003927
ClearCal - 13in MB/MBP Unibody 13684 - 875331006843
ClearCal - 15in MBP (Late 2016) 16393 - 875331003934
ClearCal - 15in MBP 13685 - 875331006850
ClearCal - 17in MBP 13306 - 875331003064
ClearCal - 20in iMac 13687 - 875331006874
ClearCal - 21.5in iMac 13307 - 875331003071
ClearCal - 24in iMac/Cinema 13686 - 875331006867
ClearCal - 27in iMac/Cinema 13308 - 875331003088