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ClearCal Screen Protector for Kindle Fire

  • Invisible protection for Kindle Fire's glass panel - available in anti-glare
  • Reduce eyestrain and fingerprinting - easy to apply and remove
  • Surface healing adhesive layer conceals scratches - leaves no residue


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ClearCal Screen Protector for Kindle Fire

Protective films offer visual enhancement and zero-bulk protection for Kindle Fire. Two sets of protective films included per pack.

Description: ClearCal - ultra-thin and super-tough protective films protect and visually enhance Kindle Fire's display screen. ClearCal is easy to apply or remove and can be cleaned and reapplied multiple times with no reduction in performance. ClearCal's low surface tension adhesive features a blemish healing effect which effectively hides minor scratches, surface defects and abrasions.

ClearCal films significantly reduce glass panel breakage and will contain and keep glass fragments in place should the panel become cracked - preventing personal injury and maintaining the usability of the cracked display.

The optically-correct, hard surface resists scratches and abrasions to keep your Kindle display looking great for years.

Anti-Glare: eliminates reflection and eyestrain, reduces oil deposits, smudging and fingering friction.


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Film Thickness:
5 mil
Amazon Kindle Fire (1st Gen)
Film Sets Included:
Designed in USA, Assy in China


Technical Data
Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
ClearCal - Kindle Fire - Anti-Glare 16027 - 875331000278