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Ice Creme Advanced Scratch Remover for all Plastics and Metals

  • Quickly removes surface abrasions & scratches from plastics and metals
  • Restores extreme plastic and metal damage on cell phones, monitors, TV bezels and more
  • Rapidly restore iPhone, iPod, laptops & polished or plated metal surfaces


Ice Creme Advanced Scratch Remover

Expertly removes surface abrasion and scratches from acrylic, polycarbonate and bright metal surfaces.

Description: Ice Creme allows you to expertly remove the scuffing, scratching and abrasion which tends to occur on highly polished acrylic, polycarbonate and metal panels, like those used in several consumer, digital lifestyle and computing devices. Products like smartphones, media players, cameras, laptops, tablets flat-panel Televisions and more can all benefit from the ease of use and power of Ice Creme. Quickly restores damaged plastic and metal products to like new condition. Great when you want to spruce up or sell your gear. A typical scuffed & scratched big screen TV requires 10-15 minutes to fully restore.

Ice Creme Scratch Remover: In action

The included extreme damage abrasive refinishing pad restores severely damaged plastic and metal surfaces prior to application of the included polishing compounds. Not for use on painted plastics or thin layer anodized or electroplated surfaces. Both versions include genuine Optex™ application and polishing cloths.


Ice Creme Application Guide

Perfect Restoration Solution For:


1-Polycarbonate/Acrylic Compound
1-Acrylic Finishing Compound
2-Optex Application/Polishing Cloths
2-Polyester Dual-Head Applicators
1- Severe Damage Refinishing Pad
176g / 6.23oz
Made in USA


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