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Impact 3.5in Drive Enclosure - HDD or SSD

  • Durable, quiet, shock-protected Aluminum enclosure
  • Self-powered to accommodate the most power-hungry hard drives
  • Models for ATA & SATA HDDs - USB 2.0, FireWire & eSATA Interfaces

Sorry, this product has been discontinued

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Impact 3.5in HDD Enclosure for ATA and SATA hard disk drives

Ruggedized storage enclosure combines multi-layer hardware protection with blistering data transfer speeds.

Description: Impact ruggedized storage enclosures provide the ultimate physical and thermal protection for your valuable data. Protection starts with Impact's tough, yet lightweight heat-dissipating 1.5mm thick extruded 6075 Aluminum alloy shell - highly efficient convection cooled interior negates the need for a distracting cooling fan.
The tubular shell features 3mm thick, full-length stiffening runners, providing exceptional load-bearing capabilities and physical crush resistance.

A full-length bridgeboard features anti-shock damper strips and is suspended within the enclosure by full-length radial Aluminum stand-off ribs. An array of self-limiting HDD-mounting shoulder screws are suspended within the bores of 4 resilient grommets. This arrangement forms an effective anti-shock chamber, further guarding the HDD and electronics from impact and crush damage.

Self-aligning guide rails assure hassle-free installation of virtually all ATA-6 or SATA 3.5 inch Hard Disk Drives. Horizontally stackable or vertically stand-able via the included rubber-footed base, Impact enclosures deliver the flexibility you need to be productive.

Easy Set-up: Installing your Hard Disk Drive into the Impact enclosure is fast and easy.
Each enclosure includes all mounting hardware, data cables for all supported connection busses and world voltage AC power supply. Philips drivers #0 and #1 required (not incl) to access enclosure and mount HDD.

Get Impact with Seagate Disk Drives Pre-installed.
RadTech now offers Impact enclosures with a pre-installed Seagate disk drive. The global leader in magnetic disk drive technology, Seagate hard disk mechanisms offer the performance and reliability standards by which all others are judged. In addition to industry-leading performance and reliability, Seagate disk drives offer the best warranty in the business - a full 3 years of confidence inspiring replacement coverage - more HDD info HERE

Reliable data storage is crucial to your success - don't trust it to anything less than the absolute best.



Extruded 6075 Aluminum
Enclosure Wall Thickness:
222 x 134 x 43mm
810g w/o HDD
Power Source:
Ext 12VDC Source
HDD Supported:
ATA6 or SATA 3.5in
USB2 + FW400/800 + eSATA
USB2 + FW400 or 800 and/or eSATA
Data Transfer Rates:
USB: ≤ 12 Mb/s FW: ≤ 800 Mb/s eSATA: ≤ 3 Gb/s
Power Supply Input:
110-240VAC 50-60Hz
Power Supply Output:
Product of Taiwan