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LenSavrz Optex Cleaning Cloth

  • Ultra-tough Optex® material - lasts for years
  • Designed to clean and polish without scratching
  • Perfect for cleaning most anything

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LenSavrz Premium Optex Polishing Wipe

Professional-grade Optex wipes expertly clean and polish fine optics and sensitive electronic devices.

Description: RadTech LenSavrz provide unequaled cleaning and polishing for glass or plastic optics, sensitive electronic devices, or just about anything which needs to be thoroughly, yet gently cleaned and protected from potentially harmful ESD (electrostatic discharge). Put the power of Optex's 1.3 million fibers per square inch to work for you and discover what thousands of RadTech ScreenSavrz users already know - nothing cleans as brilliantly as Optex. Available exclusively from RadTech.

Used completely dry, LenSavrz' incredible Optex super-microfiber composition wipes pull dirt and other contaminates off surfaces with unmatched efficiency, without inducing electrostatic charges which can potentially harm sensitive electronics, or attract dirt and dust to cleaned surfaces. Lightly dampen LenSavrz with water, or a high-quality liquid cleaner like RadTech's OmniCleanz, and treat your gear to a clean so incredible - you can feel it!

RadTech's LenSavrz fabric was initially conceived and developed using advanced optical polishing technology - and this is where the power of Optex really shines. There is no finer solution available for cleaning and polishing the high-quality optics used in modern photographic and video equipment - LenSavrz can even be used to expertly clean negatives, slides and prints. LenSavrz make an indispensable addition to any photographer, or videographer's tool kit.

LenSavrz are also perfect for eye-wear, televisions, computer monitors, CD's, DVD's, cell phones, PDA's and more.

Care: Shake or brush to remove most debris. Machine or hand wash with mild soap. Machine dry, no or very low heat.
Steam iron with press cloth if desired. If emblazoned, hand wash for maximum graphics life.



Optex Super60
Pattern Sizes:
Small: 9x11cm (3.5x4.5in)
Medium: 11.45x17.75cm (4.5x7in)
Large: 17.80x22.90cm (7x9in)
Small: 1.0g
Medium: 3.5g
Large: 7.0g
Material thickness:
Made in USA