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OmniStand MacBook and iPad Stand

  • Allows a notebook computer to be used as an ergonomically-correct desktop
  • Five discrete height adjustments provide seven versatile working positions
  • Provides efficient, power-free cooling - doesn't require a USB port or drain computer's battery

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OmniStand Cooling Laptop Stand

Portable and adjustable notebook computer stand provides silent and efficient cooling.
Folds flat for easy stowing within computer bags and packs.

Description: RadTech's innovative and versatile OmniStand provides several important benefits for notebook computer users; an adjustable desktop and/or low counter stand, an ultra-efficient cooling aid that doesn't require power or tie up a USB port, and a compact form-factor that can be stowed in most any computer sleeve, bag or pack.

It's all in the details: Everything about the OmniStand has been engineered for maximum strength, cooling ability and versatility. The composition, thickness and surface finish of the panels; the space between computer and platform - even the perforation hole layout and placement have been optimized for maximum heat transfer. High-grip rubber isolation pads and feet, and a rubber composition-coated notebook rest / handle ensure that no metal ever touches your computer, desk or hand while carrying. This is a professional-grade tool designed for rugged, day in and day out use that will last a lifetime.

Constructed from rugged heat-dissipating 5053 H32 Aluminum alloy, OmniStand allows a notebook computer to be used as a desktop. OmniStand's five discreet height adjustments provide a total of seven ergonomically-correct working positions that alleviate neck, back, arm and wrist strain in a variety of work environments. The height adjustments also allow for precise alignment with external displays.

Always at your side: What good is a notebook cooling stand if you can't take it with you? OmniStand folds flat, adding less than 1cm to your load - and with a total mass of just 626 grams, you'll hardly notice it.




5053 H32 Aluminum Alloy
Panel Thickness:
1.8mm / 0.070in
Exterior Dimensions:
257x237x8mm / 10.2x9.3x0.3in
626g / 22oz
3 years
Designed in USA, Assy in China
All good thingsā€¦

After 16 years of zero dull moments, Susan and I have made the decision to retire and check a few more boxes on the bucket list.

RadTech will begin transitioning to a new owner/facility beginning Feb 20th. While a challenging move, we'll do our best to keep things flowing with minimal interruption. It's inevitable that some shipping delays will occur - especially for custom cut Optex Fabric and ClearCal Display Films.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the outstanding mentors, associates, clients and journalists who were crucial to our success. To all of you, we shall remain forever in your debt.

Warmest Regards - John & Susan