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OmniStand MacBook and iPad Stand

  • Allows a notebook computer to be used as an ergonomically-correct desktop
  • Five discrete height adjustments provide seven versatile working positions
  • Provides efficient, power-free cooling - doesn't require a USB port or drain computer's battery

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OmniStand Cooling Laptop Stand

Portable and adjustable notebook computer stand provides silent and efficient cooling.
Folds flat for easy stowing within computer bags and packs.

Description: RadTech's innovative and versatile OmniStand provides several important benefits for notebook computer users; an adjustable desktop and/or low counter stand, an ultra-efficient cooling aid that doesn't require power or tie up a USB port, and a compact form-factor that can be stowed in most any computer sleeve, bag or pack.

It's all in the details: Everything about the OmniStand has been engineered for maximum strength, cooling ability and versatility. The composition, thickness and surface finish of the panels; the space between computer and platform - even the perforation hole layout and placement have been optimized for maximum heat transfer. High-grip rubber isolation pads and feet, and a rubber composition-coated notebook rest / handle ensure that no metal ever touches your computer, desk or hand while carrying. This is a professional-grade tool designed for rugged, day in and day out use that will last a lifetime.

Constructed from rugged heat-dissipating 5053 H32 Aluminum alloy, OmniStand allows a notebook computer to be used as a desktop. OmniStand's five discreet height adjustments provide a total of seven ergonomically-correct working positions that alleviate neck, back, arm and wrist strain in a variety of work environments. The height adjustments also allow for precise alignment with external displays.

Always at your side: What good is a notebook cooling stand if you can't take it with you? OmniStand folds flat, adding less than 1cm to your load - and with a total mass of just 626 grams, you'll hardly notice it.




5053 H32 Aluminum Alloy
Panel Thickness:
1.8mm / 0.070in
Exterior Dimensions:
257x237x8mm / 10.2x9.3x0.3in
626g / 22oz
3 years
Designed in USA, Assy in China