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OtterBox Defender Hard Case for iPhone SE, 5 & 5s

  • Dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof & drop-proof
  • Touch screen remains fully function through the case
  • Holster with rotating belt clip included

Sorry, this item has been discontinued

OtterBox Defender Hard Case for iPhone SE, 5 & 5s

Unparalleled iPhone protection - OtterBox cases provide the safest way to store and use your iPhone.

Description: Stylish and rugged iPhone protection. OtterBox cases are, without a doubt, the safest place to keep and use an iPhone. The slim and sleek Defender covers every millimeter of your iPhone, yet provides complete interaction with all of the iPhone's controls. Defender provides unparalleled protection from bumps, impacts and drops, while also delivering a very high degree of dust, liquid and water resistance.

Triple Protection: On top, an ultra-tough, optically transparent thermal-formed membrane protects the touch screen. Second, a high-impact Polycarbonate shell completely encases the handset. And lastly, an inlaid Silicone skin absorbs bumps, drops and shock while improving your grip and adding a bold industrial look.

Command and Control: In addition to superior protection, OtterBox iPhone cases allow complete control of the installed iPhone via a tough and thin membrane atop the iPhone's touch screen, switches and buttons. Captive rubber covers seal the buttons and switches, audio jack and Lightning port when not in use.

Wear, Anywhere: The Defender for iPhone includes a rugged holster with an indexing swivel belt clip that provides full impact protection for the Touch Screen. On land, sea or air, OtterBox iPhone cases provide superior protection, lifetime peace of mind and unlimited wearing and mounting options for your digital lifestyle.


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Polycarbonate + Rubber
135.12x69.9x16.18mm / 5.32x2.75x0.64in
114g / 4oz
iPhone SE, 5 & 5s (Case Covers Home Button)
Designed in USA, Assy in China

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
iPhone SE, 5 & 5s (Covered Home Button) - Blush (Pink) 15-813 77-22122 660543014928
iPhone SE, 5 & 5s (Covered Home Button) - Boom (Purple) 15-810 77-22124 660543014935
iPhone SE, 5 & 5s (Covered Home Button) - Realtree AP Camo Pink 15-816 77-22522 660543015369
iPhone SE, 5 & 5s (Covered Home Button) - Realtree Max-4 Camo Orange 15-815 77-22527 660543015383