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OtterBox Latch II Mount, Holder and Stand for iPad mini

  • Designed expressly for the Apple iPad mini - will also accommodate similarly sized devices
  • Functions as a mount, holder and/or stand for iPad mini, with or without a protective case installed
  • Fully adjustable to mount on your hand, leg, vehicle head-rest, or just about anywhere

Sorry, this item is no longer available

OtterBox Latch mount, holder and stand for iPad mini and other 7-8in Tablets

Adjustable mount, holder, strap and more - for Apple iPad mini and other small tablets

Description: Latch is an ingenious accessory that significantly extends the utility and versatility of the Apple iPad mini. Whether you use your iPad for data collection in the field, for maps while flying, entertaining passengers in the car or just looking for a way to keep your iPad on hand while you work or play, the OtterBox Latch for iPad mini is the one accessory that does it all.


Demonstration Video


Accessory Kit Includes:
Adjustable elastic strap
Detachable accessory storage bag
Adjustable lanyard
S-biner utility clip
Apple iPad mini & more
Designed in USA, Assy in China

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
Latch II 7-8in 15864 77-30406 660543022879
Latch II 7-8in - With Accessory Kit 15865 77-30404 660543022862
Latch II 10in 15862 77-30410 660543022855
Latch II 10in - With Accessory Kit 15863 77-30408 660543022824