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PencilClipz Multi-Use Clip for Apple Pencil

  • Adds convenience, versatility and drawing stability
  • Made from tough and shatterproof Polycarbonate
  • Easily installed and removed from Apple Pencil


PencilClipz Accessory for Apple Pencil / iPad Pro

Greatly improves the Apple Pencil user experience

Description: RadTech’s PencilClipz is a handy accessory for the Apple Pencil that adds a sturdy pocket clip and allows the instrument to be stowed onboard the iPad via the Lightning charge port. PencilClipz also provides additional stability in your hand to enhance finely detailed drawing and prevents Apple Pencil from rolling when placed on inclined surfaces - the iPad Pro’s display for example.

Constructed from ultra-tough, shatterproof Polycarbonate and weighs just 3 grams so you won't even know it's there. Easily slips over the Apple Pencil's body and is designed to stay put, but can be easily removed if desired.


Stow and Go
Clip & Go

Video Demonstration

Dock Responsibly

Insert and Remove from Lightning PortWhen docking or undocking PencilClipz, grasp the area immediately adjacent to the male docking tab
Removing at an angle may damage clip and/or portDon’t remove or otherwise cause the Pencil to be extracted by either end as this can tear the dock tab - use caution when removing iPad from a bag if the Pencil is docked
Not to be bent or twisted in Lightning PortDon't twist Pencil like a propeller when docked as the dock tab may tear - contact us for replacement if any white stress lines form on the tab whether from accident or misuse


43x21x12mm / 1.7x0.83x0.47in
Slate Gray (18%)
Works with:
Apple Pencil
Designed & packaged in USA, Molded in China

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
PencilClipz for Apple Pencil 16391 16-391 875331003910