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ProCable In-Ear Isolating iPhone Headset

  • iPhone & iPod touch compatible send/end/music button & microphone
  • Solid aluminum construction available in two colors
  • Sound valve technology enhances personal safety


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ProCable In-Ear Isolation Headset for iPhone & iPod touch

Comfortable and durable audiophile quality in-ear headset with Sound Valve Technology.

Description: Enjoy audiophile grade sound reproduction from your iPhone without sacrificing the ability to make or receive calls and control your music. The ProCable In-Ear Headset provides a clean and focused listening experience by insulating the wearer from outside sound and noise thanks to their super-soft, ear canal sealing, replaceable ear tips.

The ProCable headset improves on typical isolation-type phones by employing a unique sound valve that opens a pathway in each earpiece to allow ambient sound to enter and be heard when the music volume falls below 40 dB. In simple terms, the sound valve allows you to hear environmental or ambient sounds when your player volume is low or off. As your player volume is increased, the valve closes to keep ambient sounds from spoiling the musical experience.

This provides a level of safety as the phones do not have to be removed in order to adequately hear what's around you - simply activate the players pause button and you have immediate ambient recognition.

Machined from solid billet alloy and hard anodized, each ProCable earpiece is a rugged work of art that will withstand years of hard use. Includes both large and small replaceable ear tips, with additional tips available. Whether you choose aluminum on white or black on black, you'll soon enjoy an exceptional communications experience while discovering new dimensions and subtleties in your music which you've never heard before!



Freq Response (Out):
20 / 17,000 Hz
Mic Response (In):
-55 / -60 dB
Impedence @1kHz:
32 Ohms
113 - 119 dB
Maximum [Clean] Output:
110 dB/mW
Cable Length:
Avg 1.2m / 46in
Connector Type:
4-conductor 3.5mm
Driver Type / Size:
Dynamic / 10mm
Mic Orientation:
Designed in USA, Assy in China