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ScreenSavrz MacBook Air keyboard cover, screen protector and cleaner

  • Professional-grade display care and cleaning that lives in your MacBook
  • Protects, cleans, removes scratches and abrasions from poly display screens
  • The absolute best notebook screen care & cleaning solution available

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ScreenSavrz MacBook Air keyboard cover, screen protector & cleaner

Display screen protection, cleaning and refinishing for Apple MacBook Air

Description: ScreenSavrz protect MacBook Air display screens from soiling and abrasions when the machine is closed and/or being transported. As notebook computers grow ever thinner, the gap between the screen and keyboard/palm-rest becomes increasingly shallower as well. This allows the screen to make contact with these structures (and any debris which is present) when minimal pressure is applied, is gripped by your hand, packed in a bag, etc.

Body oils or moisturizers from your hands transfer to the keyboard, which then gets imprinted onto the screen. Likewise, small particles of dust or debris become entrapped when the notebook is closed, which can scratch or abrade the screen - all very undesirable. Fortunately, ScreenSavrz were developed to resolve these issues, while providing several additional benefits for portable computer users.

Made from RadTech's super soft, yet ultra strong Optex fabric - a non-woven, ultra-thin material developed specifically for display screen care and liquid-free (dry) cleaning. Simply place ScreenSavrz on top of the keyboard/palm-rest of your laptop before closing the display and the screen will stay clean and  be protected in the event of a drop or shock. And since ScreenSavrz lives in your laptop, it's always available to safely clean your screen, keyboard or the exterior of your computer (as well as your other gear). Thin, soft and supple, ScreenSavrz are easy to stow in a pocket or purse and can be washed and renewed 1000s of times.

Engineered for total display care: In addition to keeping your display screen clean and scratch free, ScreenSavrz are designed to dampen harmonic shocks - this prevents or reduces the likelihood of cover glass and/or display panel breakage in the event of a drop or sharp impact. In order to achieve this additional level of protection, the cross-sectional thickness of each ScreenSavrz is carefully matched to the notebook model that it's designed to fit.

Protection with style:
Custom emblazoning is available in any quantity - visit for full details.



Notebook ScreenSavrz pattern sizing and thickness are thoroughly and meticulously researched. We perform extensive mechanical testing for screen, case and keyboard contact. Optimum LCD support in the event of a shock or drop, proper cooling, sleep function and display face pressure as well as ergonomic and performance testing. We certify that notebook computer displays are protected to the highest degree possible when ScreenSavrz for Notebooks are used as directed.

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Optex 0.15 denier Ultra-Microfiber
5 - 12g
Designed For:
Apple MacBook Air
Made in USA


What is Optex?
Optex is a soft, exceptionally durable super micro-fiber material exclusive to RadTech. Tens of millions of fibers per square inch work to safely remove debris from surfaces and it will not scratch even the most delicate substates.
Why does the thickness vary per model?
Each ScreenSavrz is carefully tailored to work with specific laptop models including the height, width and thickness in order to provide total protection without sacrificing any usability
Why is the color I want not available for my MacBook Air?
The dyes used to color the fabric can have a small, yet significant impact on the overall thickness of the sheet. And since thickness is key to the proper function of ScreenSavrz, some pigmentations are simply incompatible (although we are constantly researching new dye methods to expand the color range)
Are there any issues with the colored cloth staining the Aluminum body of my MacBook?
The color will not transfer from the fabric to the Aluminum housing of your computer.
Can I wash it?
Yes. First, shake or brush to remove most debris then hand wash with liquid soap and rinse thoroughly. Squeeze out excess water, lay the ScreenSavrz flat and allow it to air dry (it will dry extremely fast).
How can I add my name or logo?
ScreenSavrz can be emblazoned using several different methods. Learn more about our custom emblazoning service.


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