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STM Tracer Stylus for Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch & more

  • Perfect for users with large fingers, long nails or while wearing gloves
  • Rugged and lightweight Tracer features a pocket clip and lanyard eyelet
  • Solidly constructed from anodized aluminum and polished stainless steel

Sorry, this item is no longer available

STM Tracer Stylus for Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod and More

Stylus for iPad and other devices with touch screens, trackpads and/or small buttons.

Description: STM's Tracer touch screen stylus allows precise control of touch screen interfaces, laptop trackpads and small buttons typically found on mobile digital devices. Useful for users with large fingers or long nails who typically have difficulty manipulating small target screen elements and buttons. Also provides much greater control precision with laptop computer trackpads.

Striking in appearance, Tracer was designed to be an extremely rugged and dependable instrument. Finished in satin silver and free of any sharp edges which could scratch the device being controlled. Perfect for users with large fingers or long nails - even works while wearing gloves.



Aluminum + Stainless
11.3x1.3x1cm / 4.4x0.5x0.4in
0.27 kg / 0.59 lb
Silver - Berry
Works with:
Apple iPad
Apple iPhone
Apple iPod touch
Kindle touch, Fire & Fire HD
Motorola Droid
Nexus 7, Nexus One
Palm Pre
Samsung phones and tablets
Computer Trackpads
Capacitive touch-control interfaces
Product of Australia, assy in China

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
Tracer - Silver 14-204 STM-934-014Z-23 013964139709
Tracer - Berry 14-203 STM-934-014Z-11 013964139716