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StuffBak Device Recovery System

  • Media tested 75% successful return rate
  • Encourages honesty
  • Easy for both owners and finders

Sorry, this product has been discontinued

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StuffBak Device Recovery Service

Easily get lost or stolen property back - over 75% success rate!

Description: StuffBak is a loss protection service that helps you get back your missing possessions. Just place the unique ID labels on all of your important gear. Then if something "disappears", the label tells the finder how to return it easily - and get a reward too!

StuffBak labels can be activated in a few simple steps. Once activated and attached to your valuables, the labels provide automatic protection. When your items are found, you'll be contacted immediately by phone and/or email. You can also use the StuffBak website to report your loss and offer an extra reward.

Finders are motivated to return lost property because StuffBak's system is simple, convenient, confidential, cost-free and offers them a reward. All they have to do is provide us the label number and we arrange for a courier to pickup or direct them to a nearby drop-off center. They don't have to try and find the owner, pack a box, or pay for shipping. Once the property is returned to the owner, they receive StuffBak's standard reward, $20 worth of StuffBak labels, plus any cash reward you may have offered.