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Westone 3 In-Ear Isolating Headphones

  • Unsurpassed isolation from outside sound and noise
  • Secure in the ear fit for optimal tonal performance
  • Highly accurate sonic reproduction with ultra-low distortion

Sorry, this product has been discontinued

Westone 3In-Ear Headphones

Professional grade in-the-ear style personal monitors - experience music the way the artist intended.

Description: Experience the best sonic reproduction possible, with noise isolation far surpassing that of cumbersome and complicated headphones. Westone monitors require no batteries, and can be connected to any audio source. External sound isolation is a noise-silencing 26dB, allowing you to hear the full dynamic range of recordings without having to play them at unnaturally high volume levels. And nearby people won't hear a note - even if you're jamming at full volume.

Westone monitors provide a pure and clean listening experience which is unmatched by other earphones - you'll discover new dimensions of subtleties and instruments which you've never heard before. Westone's low-profile and secure design practically disappears when worn and they won't fall out of your ears, no matter how active you are.

Westone's True Fit Eartips offer numerous benefits over other tips - chiefly, comfort and ease of use. True Fit tips don't require rolling, squeezing or licking to obtain a good seal, but can be pre-compressed if desired. And True Fit tips are constructed from a softer and denser material which blocks outside sound and noise much more efficiently. Two tip sizes are included to fit all users, and all Westone monitors can be fitted with custom ear-molds at any time.

Westone's pro-grade in-ear phones transform your iPhone, iPod, iPad, home audio system, computer, gaming system or portable music player into a rich personal soundstage, while providing industry leading levels of isolation, accuracy and sound output. Prepare to discover an amazing new sonic dimension that you never knew existed - once you experience it, you'll never be satisfied with anything less.


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Frequency Response:
20-18,000 Hz
20 - 30 dB
Impedance @ 1kHz:
30 Ohms
107 dB SPL
Padded travel case, ten different eartips, wax loop for cleaning, 1/8 in. to 1/4 in. plug adapter and inline volume control
1 Year
Made in China