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Custom Products

Most of our products can be personalized with text and graphics. We can exquisitely emblazon our soft goods and hardware solutions with any text or graphic imaginable. We can accommodate your needs whether it's one, or one million. NOTE: Custom emblazoning voids manufacturer product warranties.

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Screen Print

Print Examples

Best for 100 or less pieces - multi-color options

Pricing starts at $27.00 for 1 color, 1 imprint - additional imprints are $2.00 ea. Additional. colors $25 ea. Our unique printing process yields a nonabrasive, beautiful and durable image which can contain up to 4 colors. Can be applied to most of our products - perfect for 1 or 2 items, especially ScreensavRz & RadSleevz for Notebooks. Select print ink color(s) from page 3.

You must submit camera-ready B&W artwork which, when printed at 100%, is your desired size for the piece. Color separate if printing multiple colors, and include registration / alignment marks - see pg. 4 for details. RadTech can provide graphics assistance and design work at $20 per 1/2 hour - call or write to schedule.


Deboss Examples

Best for 100+ pieces - no color, debossed elements take on a slightly darker shade of base fabric

Pricing starts at approximately $200 for tooling and set-up, $0.35 per imprint. Debossing is the technique RadTech employs on our logo'd Optex items, Debossing creates a 3-D imprint, or depression on the fabric surface. Nothing is added; nothing is taken away. Debossing's best attributes are permanence, and the very elegant look that it produces. There are no color options, debossed Optex generally takes on a slightly darker shade of the base fabric color where debossed.

Debossing can be applied to the following items: All RadTech Optex gear - ScreenSavrz (all styles), RadSleevz for Notebooks and LenSavrz.

You must submit camera-ready B&W artwork which, when printed at 100%, is your desired size for the piece. Construct your artwork so that the black elements are what will be debossed, or imprinted. We will provide you with a firm tooling and set-up quote once artwork is received. Graphics assistance available at $20 per 1/2 hr.


Embroider Examples

Script, Block or Logo styles available

Pricing starts at $12 for a single line in 1 color, containing up to 17 alphanumeric characters

Embroidery uses multiple strands of sewn-in colored thread to create text, or an image. Somewhat limiting for text - only 2 styles available. See print section for unlimited text and graphic reproduction. Very inexpensive method for applying a string of text or a simple graphic to the following RadTech products:

RadSleevz for Notebooks sleeve case - one line, 17 characters centered on RadSleevz
Most soft luggage - write or call to determine if available for the soft case you desire