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MAP Policy

In order to safeguard, ensure and maintain robust profitability for our dealer, reseller and vendor partners worldwide, RadTech dealers and any downstream resellers they may distribute to, are required to adhere to minimum advertised pricing (MAP) guidelines. If you are distributing RadTech products, a copy of this policy must be provided to your resellers. As a distributor, you are responsible for MAP compliance by your resellers.

MAP pricing represents the minimum product unit price which can be regionally or nationally advertised by our resellers for a specific item. Sale and promotion events which do not specifically quote sub-MAP pricing for an individual product are exempt; i.e, 10% off everything in our store, or 15% off all notebook computer products, or 5% off on all RadTech products.

Official MAP pricing can be found on all RadTech Dealer Price Sheets and on the Product Setup Sheets.

Should a dealer choose to not comply within a commercially reasonable time period (60 days), RadTech shall take appropriate action, which may include termination of the dealership.