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Reseller Terms & Conditions

We are sincerely committed to helping you to maximize profits, minimize losses and assist your clients in the most efficient and streamlined manner possible. In order for all of us to remain competitive and continue to offer our valued customers the best product and support experience possible, we have set forth the following terms and conditions.




Your payment terms were defined when you originally applied for dealer status. Should you desire to change or modify your payment terms, please email or phone +1 877-777-9088 It's important to keep your account up-to-date if you've been granted credit terms as no new orders will be processed if your credit account is past due or in default.


Contact RadTech to obtain an RMA number prior to returning any product. Please be prepared to describe, in detail, the reason that the product is being returned.

Dealer Returns to RadTech - Non Defective:

Dealer Returns to RadTech - Defective:

Note regarding defective product:

Warranty Returns & Technical Support: