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Repair FAQ

What if the part needed for my repair is not in stock? We stock parts for the most common repairs that we see. If a repair requires a part that we don't have in stock, we can generally get the part within 24 hours. For more obscure or older devices, it could take up to several days. We will quickly advise you of the parts status once you've submitted your service request.

I dropped my mobile device and broke the screen, but the housing was also deformed when dropped - can this be fixed? Yes - we have the equipment and experience to straighten and align bent / deformed housings. This typically adds $15 - $45 to our flat-rate repair costs, depending on the time required to realign the housing. If replacing the housing is a more cost-effective option (or better for maintaining the long-term rigidity / reliability of your device), we'll let you know.

Will you install a part I've already purchased elsewhere? We're happy to assist with this type of repair - our parts and labor warranties obviously would not apply to client-supplied parts.

I've attempted a repair myself but wasn't able to complete it - can you help? Absolutely - everybody needs a little help now and then. Simply leave a description of what you were repairing and the current status in the Notes field of our Repair Form so we can render assistance most efficiently.

Will my device's warranty be voided by having you perform the repair? This would depend on the nature of the repair and the terms of any warranty the device may be covered by. You should always determine if the issue with your device is covered by a warranty that's already in force. In any event, use the Notes field in our Repair Form to detail the specific situation with respect to your device.

Repair Policy

Device Data and Passcode:

We recommend backing up your device, if possible, prior to having it serviced. Few repairs can potentially result in data loss - this is simply a prudent move should your device become lost or damaged in transit.

In some instances our technicians may require your device's passcode for thorough component testing purposes as not all features are accessible from a locked device. We'll contact you if recommended or required.

Damage or Loss During Transit:

If your device is lost damaged while in transit back to you, our liability is limited to the cost of the repair and/or monetary compensation based on the insurance value you've specified (we'll ask you for an insurance value if we are shipping your device to you). Clients are responsible for insuring any inbound repairs. If we issue a call-tag to pick up your device, we'll ask you for the device's replacement value.

Device's Manufacturer Warranty:

You should always determine if the issue with your device is covered by a warranty that's already in force. We can repair your device regardless of the status of other warranties, but you should review the terms of any warranties that are in force to ensure that the manufacturer hasn't placed any restrictions on who or where repairs can be performed. Use the Notes field in our Repair Form to detail any specific situations with respect to your device that you're unsure of and we will assist you.

RadTech Address and Contact Info:

Please forward any questions or comments to our service department:

ATTN: Service Dept
+1 877-777-9088

Repair Authorization:

Once we've inspected the device to be repaired, we'll issue a repair estimate - once approved, you authorize RadTech to perform the repair work on the device. Client also acknowledges that repairs performed by RadTech may void other warranties which may be in effect. RadTech is not responsible for any data loss - if possible, please back up any critical, un-replaceable data before submitting your device for repair.

Repair Quotes:

Our Flat-Rate repair pricing is based on similar completed repairs, and may differ from the repair estimate issued after we've inspected the device. Additional parts or labor may be deemed necessary once your device has been inspected. Client can choose to not proceed with the repair once we've inspected the device and issued a quote - client is responsible for any applicable diagnostic fee (and return shipping if applicable).

After inspection of your device, we'll advise you as to whether the repair cost exceeds the device's market value and let you make the call. In rare cases we may determine that the repair cannot be performed at our facility (as in the case of a non-serviceable or unavailable component). In either event, we'll advise you of all options prior to proceeding.

Repair Turnaround Times:

Repair turnaround times are based on historical repair times and are not guaranteed. While we do our best to provide accurate estimates, unforeseen issues may prevent us from honoring the estimated completion date and time. We will be promptly notify you in such cases where our quoted turnaround time cannot be met.

Repair Warranty:

RadTech's parts and labor are warranted for 1 year against defects in materials and/or workmanship. The following items / conditions will void our warranty coverage: Drops, liquid intrusion and client misuse. Defective parts or parts which fail within the warranty period will be replaced if deemed necessary after inspection by a RadTech service technician.

To obtain warranty service, please contact our Service Dept at to arrange for an inspection of the device. Warranty coverage only applies to the parts previously installed by RadTech and associated labor. All shipping fees related to warranty repairs are the responsibility of the client.


Installed repair parts and labor cannot be returned or refunded, but are covered under the Repair Warranty detailed in the above section. For assistance with repair service or parts, please contact our Service Dept at or phone: +1 877-777-9088

Shipping Methods and Charges:

Clients are responsible for all repair related shipping charges (to and from). Repair shipments issued by RadTech are insured for the value that you indicate. Clients are responsible for insuring any inbound shipments not arranged by RadTech