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BT500 Rechargeable Support

Detail & Battery Installation

BT500r Use Detail

Connecting / Pairing Guide

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Mac OS XWindows

Error/Status Codes (presented via scroll-wheel illumination)

Charging Instructions

  1. Switch mouse OFF - the power switch for the BT500r is a sliding-type located on the bottom.
  2. Connect USB cable to mouse (be sure mouse end of cable is FULLY inserted, connector's grip should touch mouse housing).
  3. Do not be afraid to push the connector that last millimeter to fully insert it.
  4. Scroll wheel should flash green and red for 2-3 seconds, then it will illuminate steady red to indicate that the mouse is charging.

You can NOW switch the mouse ON and use it while it's charging. When the scroll wheel illuminates steady green, charging is complete, and cable can be disconnected without switching the mouse off.

Mouse Reset Procedure

  1. Place power switch in the ON position.
  2. Remove batteries for 30 seconds (leave power switch in ON position).
  3. Reinstall batteries and test mouse.

Bluetooth Troubleshooting Guide

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