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Set forth below in the RadTech Trademark List section is an alphabetical list of RadTech’s trademarks (and service marks, if any).

In addition to the trademarks of RadTech noted below, the RadTech Web Site, including but not limited to its graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts and service names constitute trade dress of RadTech. The trademarks, service marks (if any) and trade dress of RadTech may not be used or reproduced without prior written approval from RadTech and may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not affiliated with RadTech, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, in any manner that dilutes the rights of RadTech, or in any manner that disparages or discredits RadTech.

All other products and company names mentioned in Our Web site may, or may not be, trademarks of their respective owners. In the Third-Party Trademarks section below We have provided an alphabetical listing of those third-party trademarks appearing on Our Web site or in Our marketing materials that are being claimed as trademarks by their respective owners.

Neither RadTech nor the RadTech Web Site have any affiliation whatsoever with Apple Inc.

RadTech claims ownership of any product name, service name or logo that it uses that is not, for whatever reason, listed in the RadTech Trademark List below. And, the absence of any such product or service name, or logo, from such list is not a waiver of any of RadTech’s trademark rights or other intellectual property rights regarding that name or logo.

RadTech Trademark List:

Trademark Generic Description-Term(s)
Acclaro® Transparent cases for digital devices
ACpower™ AC to DC power converters
Aero™ Thermo-formed protective cases for digital devices constructed from various materials
ARC™ Form-fitting hard cases for digital devices
AutoPower™ Automobile power converters for digital devices
AVconnection™ Audio & video connection cables
Bezel Blaster™ Restorative solutions for bright and plated metals
BT100™ Bluetooth Wireless Human Interface [pointing and control] Device for computers & digital devices
BT300™ Bluetooth Wireless Human Interface [pointing and control] Device for computers & digital devices
BT400GL™ Bluetooth Wireless Human Interface [pointing and control] Device for computers & digital devices
BT500™ Bluetooth Wireless two-way audio communication and control device for computers & digital devices
BT550™ Bluetooth Wireless Human Interface [pointing and control] Device for computers & digital devices
BT600™ Bluetooth Wireless Human Interface [pointing and control] Device for computers & digital devices
CarConnection™ Cassette audio & recording device adapters;
ClearCal® Transparent protective / optical enhancement films for digital devices and display screens
ClearClip™ Molded, form-fitting secondary housings or cases for digital devices containing an integral clip-type retention mechanism
DockAdapt™ Cables and adapters for converting or adapting electrical device docking connectors to alternative formats
Gelz™ Molded silicone protective cases for digital devices
GlideKit™ Notebook computer maintenance & tool kits
Groove™ Surface relief design providing tactile traction for hand-held devices
Ice Creme® Restorative cleaning solutions for plastics and metals
LenSavrz™ Optical element cleaning wipes
MacTruck™ Hard-shell work-in notebook computer enclosures
OmniCleanz® Advanced formula non-conductive liquid cleaner for LCD displays, keyboards, eyewear;
OmniStand® Adjustable stands or pedestals for portable computers
Optex® Synthetic non-woven super micro-fiber fabric
Optex Super 60™ Synthetic non-woven super micro-fiber fabric - 0.6 mm thickness
Optex Super 80™ Synthetic non-woven super micro-fiber fabric - 0.8 mm thickness
Pawz™ High-grip resilient replacement feet for equipment
PodSleevz® Protective sleeve cases for hand-held devices
Portectorz™ Data port protective caps and covers
ProCable® Electronic, data, video and audio interconnect cables / output devices
RadMouse™ Driver software for human interface devices
RadPak™ Protective carrying cases for digital devices
RadSleevz™ Form-fitting sleeve cases for digital devices
RadTech® Accessories and peripherals – computers, other digital devices
RadTech logo Accessories and peripherals – computers, other digital devices
RetractCables™ Retractable connection cables for digital devices
ScreenSavrz® LCD display protection, cleaning and refinishing apparatus
Shortz® Short length connection cables for mobile devices
Sleevz™ Form-fitting sleeve cases for digital devices
Styloid™ Assistive devices for touch screen interfaces
Syndrol HD™ Synthetic hydrocarbon metal conditioning solution;
Think Random™ Slogan
WaveJamr™ Wireless transmitters & receivers for conveying digital and/or analog signals via a client or host
Wildeepz™ Transparent standoff cushions for notebook chassis to display interface


While we use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information regarding the list of third-party Trademarks shown below, we make no guarantees, representations or warranties as to its accuracy or correctness. In addition, we assume no liability or responsibility for any typographical or other errors or omissions that may occur regarding third-party Trademarks.

Third-Party Trademarks:

Trademark Owner
AirPort Express™ PG & W Apple Inc.
Apple® Apple Inc.
Apple logo® Apple Inc.
Apple Cinema Display® Apple Inc.
Apple TV® Apple Inc.
Aquapac™ Aquapac Intl, LTD
Armor Series® Otter Products, LLC
Arvo STM
Axis STM
Barracuda™ Seagate Technology LLC
Blazer STM
Bluetooth™ Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
Bluetooth logo™ Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
Brink STM
CableBin™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
CableBox™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
CableBox Mini™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
CableClips™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
CableDrop® Bluelounge Design, LLC
CableJive Logo™ CableJive, LLC
Cable Wrap STM
cableyoyo™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
Cape STM
Cargo STM
Cocoon STM
Commuter Series® Otter Products, LLC
Compass STM
CompuShell Integrated Products Inc.
Convertible STM
Convoy STM
cool feet™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
Curve STM
Cordura® E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Defender Series® Otter Products, LLC
dockBoss™ CableJive, LLC
dockStubz™ CableJive, LLC
dockXtender™ CableJive, LLC
Drift STM
Drifter STM
DriveMate Onnto Corporation
Duplex STM
EarPods™ Apple Inc.
Eclipse STM
ElementCase® Element Case Co
Enova X-Wall™ Enova Technology Corporation
Evolution STM
FireWire™ Apple Inc.
Flight STM
Formula Element Case Co
Glove STM
Grip / Grip 2 STM
H2O Audio® Diver Entertainment Systems, Inc.
Half Shell STM
Harbour / Harbour 2 STM
Holster STM
Hood STM
iBoltz™ CableJive, LLC
iBook® Apple Inc.
iMac® Apple Inc.
Impact™ Onnto Corporation
Impact Series® Otter Products, LLC
Impulse STM
Ion Element Case Co
Ion 5 Element Case Co
iPad Air™ Apple Inc.
iPad mini Apple Inc.
iPad® Apple Inc.
iPhone® Apple Inc.
iPod® Apple Inc.
iPod classic® Apple Inc.
iPod mini® Apple Inc.
iPod nano® Apple Inc.
iPod shuffle® Apple Inc.
iPod touch® Apple Inc.
I-Sight® Synergy Labs Limited Corporation
Jacket STM
Jet Roller STM
Jimi™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
Jot Script Evernote® Edition™ Adonit
Joule Element Case Co
Journey STM
Kensington™ Acco Brands Corporation
Kicker STM
Kickflip™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
Kicks™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
Kii™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
Krusell® Krusell International AG
Latch® Otter Products, LLC
Leather Sleeve STM
Lexie Barnes Lexie Barnes, LLC
LifeProof® LifeProof
LifeProof Logo® LifeProof
Link STM
Loft STM
Loop STM
Mac® Apple Inc.
MacBook® Apple Inc.
MacBook Air® Apple Inc.
MacBook Pro® Apple Inc.
Mac mini™ Apple Inc.
Maryanne STM
Marquee STM
Mask STM
Micro STM
Momentus™ Seagate Technology LLC
Milo Bluelounge Design, LLC
Multidapt® Krusell International AG
Mylar™ Dupont Teijin Films U.S., L.P.
NeoCase™ Raidius Vision, Ltd.
Nichia™ Nichia Corporation
Nest Bluelounge Design, LLC
Nomad STM
Odoyo® ODOYO
Omni Tekstyl, Inc.
Opera STM
Org Board STM
Otterbox™ Otter Products, LLC
Phantom STM
Postal Bag™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
PowerBook® Apple Inc.
Raincoat STM
Ranger STM
Rebound STM
Reflex Series® Otter Products, LLC
Remedy STM
Refresh™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
Revolution STM
Rogue STM
Saidoka™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
Seagate® Seagate Technology LLC
Scout STM
Shuttle STM
Sector 5 Element Case Co
Sequel STM
Skin STM
Skinny STM
Slim STM
Slip STM
Sonic STM
Sort STM
Sphere STM
Spire® Spire USA, LLC
Sports STM
Stash STM
StopKnot™ GWG Design
Studio STM
Switch STM
Sumo Bluelounge Design, LLC
Tekmod™ Tekstyl, Inc.
Tracer STM
Trust STM
The Sanctuary™ Bluelounge Design, LLC
TruBrite™ Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.
Turtle STM
Vapor Element Case Co
Vapor Comp Element Case Co
Vapor Dock Element Case Co
Vapor Pro Element Case Co
Velo STM
Wave STM
Zebra STM

Last Update: May 15, 2021