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ClearCal Screen Protection Film for iPad Air / iPad 5-6

  • Provides a 3-5 fold increase in the shatter resistance of iPad's glass display
  • 2 film sets per pack - Available in Clear or Anti-Glare
  • Fills and hides any existing scratches or abrasions and works with all protective cases*


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ClearCal Screen Protection Film for iPad Air / iPad 5-6

Provides visual enhancement, impact and shatter protection for iPad

Description: Ultra-thin and super-tough protective films which protect and visually enhance your iPad's display screen. ClearCal's blemish-healing pure silicone cling layer provides an optically correct, yet easily removable / reposition-able bond that conceals any existing surface defects like abrasions and scratches - and ClearCal will never residue on the screen if later removed

ClearCal's optically-correct hardened surface resists impacts, scratches, abrasions, smudging and oil deposits - and is significantly easier to clean than bare glass. Illustrated instructions included - installation videos located elsewhere on this page.

ClearCal films significantly reduce glass panel breakage and will contain and keep glass fragments in place should the panel become cracked - preventing personal injury and maintaining the usability of the cracked display. Additionally, ClearCal films are useful for both preventing anti-glare (AG) and anti-reflective (AR) coating abrasion and restoring a uniform appearance to compromised AG / AR coatings.

2 film sets included per pack, with two surface finish options to best suit your needs:

Anti-Glare: reduces glare, reflection, eyestrain, oil deposits, smudging and fingering friction.

Transparent: preserves original screen appearance, reduces smudging and fingering friction.


* Minor trimming may be desired for some cases

Note for ClearCal Protective Films: Check film for proper size by test-fitting on screen or device before removing protective mask. In addition, check film thoroughly for any creases or other damage before removing protective mask. Once protective masks or liners have been removed, films are not returnable.

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Film Thickness:
5 mil
Apple iPad Air 1-2/iPad 5-6
Film Sets Included:
Designed in USA, Assy in China


Technical Data
Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
ClearCal iPad Air 1-2 / iPad 5-6 Anti-Glare 16271 16-271 875331002715
ClearCal iPad Air 1-2 / iPad 5-6 Transparent 16272 16-272 875331002722
ClearCal iPad Air 3 Anti-Glare 16492 16-492 875331004924
ClearCal iPad Air 3 Transparent 16493 16-493 875331004931